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Kaska  and I began working with Diane when Kaska was about 6  years old. At the time, my husband and I had more than a dozen  racing Siberian Huskies, all of whom lived with us as pets and family members but were also  competitive racing sled dogs in the New England area.  Kaska was an extremely active young dog with a very high prey drive. Certainly, not very good with small animals of any kind or with tiny children. Due to his high prey drive, he was neutered at about age 4.  Sometime after  the neuter, he began giving himself terrible lick granulomas on his  outer feet.  It would happen every year about the same time. Additionally, he was depressed and unhappy.  I had pursued all the traditional  veterinary methods of dealing with the lick granulomas and so called “anxiousness,” most of which I would never utilize again and  were in fact more harmful than helpful. Our kennel was still growing as we were acquiring more puppies for our sled dog teams.   Though neutered, Kaska’s prey drive had not diminished much around  puppies!  I started thinking that perhaps Kaska would be happier and less anxious in a new home. I don’t remember exactly how Diane and I connected with my worries over Kaska, but we did!  
Diane developed a number of Essences uniquely for Kaska through her spiritual connection with him. She and Kaska would journey together into the spirit world where we learned Kaska’s spirit guide  was Reindeer Spirit. After each journey I would feel a tremendous warmth in my heart and soul, and often tears of happiness in knowing that Kaska shared adventures with Diane which truly gave him the opportunity to find within himself what he had lost, to become again the confident joyful sled dog he had been before.  After each session, his eyes truly had a brightness and sparkle that had not been there for several years . In those journeys with Diane, Kaska was FREE to BE who he was, to let go of whatever had been so troubling to him to cause him to hurt himself physically and spiritually. Kaska and I worked with Diane for 3 to 4 months. I can say with absolute certainty that Diane’s work with Kaska is what brought him back to me.  He regained his confidence and joy in life and absolutely stopped chewing himself.
I’m so happy to say that today at almost 13 years old, Kaska/Reindeer Spirit  is still thrilled  and excited to work as a sled dog  doing what he was bred to do! In fact his best friends in our kennel are our youngest most active crazy dogs!  Kaska also went on to earn his AKC Rally Novice title and his AKC Beginner Novice Obedience title. None of this would have been possible without Diane’s  help.  


Ariel for DD.JPG


Ariel was the runt of our friend’s litter of Bernese Mountain Dog pups. She was the last pup born and she stopped breathing. The first miracle was that her breeder (Bill) was able to resuscitate her.

I visited that litter of pups to help socialize them, with no intention of taking one home. But when I held Ariel in my hand at 4-weeks-old, I felt a surge of electricity. I visited every week and at the end of each visit Ariel was the one in my arms. I wanted Ariel more than anything in the world but my parents were already taking care of my Tibetan Mastiff during the day while I worked and they felt a puppy would be too much.  When the litter turned 8 weeks old, I was away on a business trip and I had a dream that Ariel was my puppy. I’d never been happier until I woke up and realized it was just a dream. When I got home, my sister told me to call the breeder. The breeder knew that Ariel and I belonged together and refused to place her with anyone else. That was the second miracle. The third was that after meeting Ariel, my parents feel in love with her and agreed to puppysit during the day.

The fourth miracle happened every day during the incredible 13 ½ years of life that we had together. It was clear that after fighting so hard to come into this world, Ariel was determined to live her live to the fullest. Nothing was an obstacle to her. She brought boundless enthusiasm to everything she did- and she did so much, including agility, nose work, draft work, paw painting, and skateboarding! She was a diva at heart and loved entertaining seniors and children with her tricks and freestyle dance routines and pulling her cart in parades. She had multiple TV appearances (Fetch, The Secret Life of Animals, Chronicle) and was featured in a rock video (skateboarding in Extreme’s “King of the Ladies”).  She graduated from Harvard’s Canine Cognition Lab in 2011, and her photos were featured in AAA Pet Travel Guidebooks (2010, 2012) and the “Page-a-Day” dog calendar in 2014.

A few months after she was honored as the Bernese Mountain Dog of America’s first senior ambassador in 2016, Ariel began slowing down due to a tumor in her lungs. For the first time in her life, she lost interest in food.

Our friend, Dawn, gave me a gift certificate to Diane Dewberry for an animal communication session. I was hoping Ariel would give Diane some insight into flower essences or remedies that would help her feel better so we could have more time together.  

After communicating with Ariel, Diane discovered that she was already making her transition and she showed Diane exactly what she wanted: a celebration of life party so that no one would be sad.

I had always thrown themed birthday parties for Ariel, so I was happy to know that the parties had pleased her and that she wanted one last celebration. That's exactly what we did.

Because of Diane's gift, I was able to honor my beloved Ariel's last wishes. I had the peace of knowing she was heard and understood by Diane, and that made all the difference to me as we dealt with her transition.


Nikki & Savannah

About a year ago I had the privilege of working with Diane and experiencing the healing power of flower essences first hand.

I share my life with a four-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog named Savannah. Savannah has always been a bit “off” from the get-go at 8 weeks old. Berners are generally low key and very easy going, but this girl was giving me a run for my money.

I own a doggie daycare and Savi would prefer to stay in the car rather than play with friends. She would bark at people with her head out the window as we drove by, and she always seemed scared as if she was in constant “flight mode.” I hated it and made me sad for her. So I turned to her breeder, an animal communicator, and then a holistic vet trying different calming supplements etc. Unfortunately, it didn’t work.

I felt like I was out of options until I met Diane. She was confident she could get through to Savi and get to the root of her insecurities. Savi is cautious and she doesn’t trust people, especially if they are new. Diane’s calm and patient demeanor instantly put Savi at ease and Diane was able to break through her walls rather quickly. Diane was able to channel Savi’s past and current issues and with the help of flower essences and with Diane’s intuitive ability we had a breakthrough.

Diane’s ability to pair flower essences with her Shamanic Animal Communicative abilities was exactly what Savannah needed.  I had a new understanding of Savannah and I was able to work with her knowing exactly where her issues stemmed from. Diane gave me ideas and suggestions along with flower essences to take home and use daily with Savannah. The positive changes I noticed in my girl made me so incredibly happy. We became closer because now I understood her emotional state and why she was so guarded. She is still a work in progress but we are on the right path! I will forever be grateful for Diane and her ability to get through to Savannah.

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