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Scheduling & Fees

When you are ready to work with me, I ask that you tell your animal I will be contacting them.  Because most of the animals I work with have trauma, I like to be prepared with as much information as possible. Please send a photo, name, gender, and as much information you can about your pet including any unwanted behaviors , injuries, abuse , or trauma that you are aware of.  I work remotely with your pet, connecting with your animal is through a ceremonial like ritual.  The whole process takes about 2 hours in communication with your animal. Using the information I receive, I choose the appropriate Flower Essences for your pet.  After the session I will contact you with recommendations and we'll discuss the flower essences that I will be sending you.  

I look forward to the honor and privilege of working with you and your beloved pet!

Hands on Healing

This is a spirit assisted process. The flower essences  work in a partnership with the nature kingdom allowing change to occur. Flower essences open a doorway to positive, healing energies. This hands on healing (PET) is a private time with the animal and their guardian allowing a deeper release of the trauma. I will work with the most present unacceptable behavior and troubling emotional state. In complex cases I may recommend weekly sessions to effectively treat the trauma and continue the healing.


Shamanic Animal Communication

Shamanic Animal Communication is an ancient healing tradition used all over the world. Rooted in nature and passed down from generation to generation, I interact with the spirit world to receive guidance and wisdom on how to heal an animal’s physical or emotional pain.

During the experience, I journey into a trance-like state with my Compassionate Spirit Teachers and Power Animals where I'm shown the story of the animal's past trauma. From that information, I’m able to choose the correct Flower Essence that will help release the trauma and let the healing begin on a emotional level.


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