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Flower  Essences

Flower Essences are liquid plant energy coming from living plants used in the treatment of a wide variety of emotional and behavioral issues.

Using many of the available Flower Essences we are able to clear emotional blockages and help reconnect animals more to the natural world.

Flower Essences have emotional and healing abilities, so they're very important in my work.  Since my work is mostly with trauma we can effectively incorporate Flower Essence Therapy for treatment and its related behaviors that can occur as a result of the specific trauma.


These are just a few of the behaviors that Flower Essences help

Physical Trauma

Fears, Shyness, Phobias, Depression, Anxiety, Aggression, Hyperactivity

Emotional Trauma

How to Administer Flower Essences

Flower Essences come in a glass bottle and can be put directly in the mouth, on a a treat, or rubbed into the animal's fur. They can also be put in the animal's drinking bowl with natural water. If other animals use the bowl there is no effect on the animal if it's not needed. There are no unwanted side effects, so flower essences can be taken with any medication or herbal preparation.

By communicating on a intuitive level, we can find out the animal's story and then choose the appropriate flower essence to help heal the root cause and bring back balance, joy, and harmony.

Shamanic Animal Communication is a truly remarkable way to be shown the animals story of how the trauma began in their life.

Using Shamanic Animal Healing with Flower Essences in the natural treatment of our animal is a beautiful partnership with Compassionate Spirit Helpers and the Plant Spirit World.


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