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Shamanic Animal Healing

When I do a Shamanic Animal Communication, I first set an intention to help the animal. I then journey into a trance-like state with my Compassionate Spirit Teachers and Power Animals.

In this non ordinary reality, the animal shows me its story and the trauma that occurred in this life.  From that information, I’m able to choose the correct Flower Essence that will help release the trauma and let the healing begin on a emotional level.

After I have chosen the Flower Essences you will receive a customized bottle for one month’s usage and a suggested dosage, usually 4 drops 3 times a day in the animal’s mouth or on a small treat. For cats, simply rub on the fur.

I do suggest a follow up in 3 months to see what shifts have been made so I can adjust the essences to keep the progress moving. Because some trauma can be deep, it will take a period of time for the animal and flower essences to work. Be patient ! Flower Essences are very powerful!

Additional Healing Techniques

For Deeper Restorative Needs

Soul Retrieval

Soul Loss can happen during an emotional or physical trauma as part of the soul leaves the body to survive the experience. That is part of the life force of the animal. The Shamanic Practitioner will journey into non-ordinary reality with the help of Compassionate Spirit Helpers to find the part of the missing soul and bring the soul home so the animal can become whole again.


Shamanic Extraction is a removal of displaced energy which can affect the animal's health. This energy does not belong in the body. In working with Compassionate Spirit Helpers and Power Animals, we can extract the energy and dispose of it, transforming it into a more life enhancing power, filling the void with healing energy.

Power Animal Retrieval

Animals benefit from Power Animal Retrieval, incorporating the Spirits of Wild Animals. They bring strength and a feeling of safety. Many times the Shamanic Practitioner will do a Power Animal Retrieval for the animal to restore its Power.

Power Retrieval

The Shamanic Practitioner employs a helping spirit or nature element for the animal to restore the animal's power to protect and bring healing energy.

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