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About Me

My story begins like so many others, as a sensitive child growing up in a dysfunctional family. I’m fortunate that the way I coped was what eventually led me to my life’s work. Those difficult circumstances were leading me to a fulfilling and rewarding life... I just didn’t know it yet.


When things got stressful for me as a child, I turned to nature for solace and escape. I went deep into the woods and sat amongst the trees and the animals for hours. Animals gravitated to me. They were my companions. And little by little, I became aware that I had a special gift, the ability to communicate with my animal friends.


Now I realize that this may seem a little strange, and it was to me, too! That’s why I didn’t talk to others about my gift. I quietly pursued research and study about animal communication and the consciousness of nature, reading everything I could get my hands on and studying with pioneers in the field. I paid attention to the dreams and visions I had. The further in depth I studied, the more comfortable I became working in different realms and in higher consciousnesses.


Not willing to put my telepathic gifts out there quite yet, I opened a dog grooming studio. It served as a way for me to work with beloved animals and it allowed me to continue my studies. As much as I loved that business, it was stressful. So after 25 years, I sold it.


At this point in the story, you’re thinking I finally made the leap to Energetic Animal Healing. Not so fast! I still wasn’t quite ready to share my intuitive gifts with the world and practice spiritual healing full time. Instead, I opened a natural pet food store, The Healthy Animal. I learned about the physical health of pets, but I also learned about their spiritual and emotional health. I began to see that I could contribute to the well-being of animals not just with food, but with the skills I had been honing all those years. My passion became crystal clear, and that’s when Energetic Animal Healing was born.


Today, I bring all my experiences together to enrich the lives of animals and their people. I use my gifts as a communicator with animals and Spirit to receive instruction on ways I can heal the pain and trauma that animals face. Whether it’s through conventional methods like diet or training, or through spiritual and mystical modalities like flower essences and shamanism, the goal is the same: to bring animals and their humans to a state of health and well-being physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


I’m honored to be able to see and feel the stories these animals show me and to communicate with the spirit realm for wisdom and guidance. Together, we help animals live the lives they were born to live.


Certifications and Courses of Study

Over the years I have taken my animals and myself to many holistic practitioners, acupuncture, chiropractor, nutritionists and homeopaths. To deepen my education, I took Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 for animals. I studied with Greg Tilford, author of Herbs for Pets. I received my Flower Essence Practitioner Certification from Delta Gardens and studied Shamanism with Nan Moss, the late David Corbin, and Carla Meeske, who specializes in working with animals. I took animal communication from Teresa Wagner, my mentor to this day.

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