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The animals in your family are more than pets. They’re enlightened beings with souls and emotions. Like humans, they may have experienced past traumas. Using a combination of traditional, spiritual, and natural techniques, we address the root cause of the issue to return your animal to a state of natural balance, optimal health, and emotional well-being.

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Deepen your relationship with your animal and gain insight into his heart, soul, and experiences.
Correct behavioral issues by resolving past traumas to soothe and heal.
Enlighten yourself to your animal’s consciousness,
improving your life and the life of your animal

There’s a reason animals behave the way they do. At Energetic Animal Healing, we combine the
power of traditional and metaphysical modalities to address the root cause of your pet’s issues
to help you live the harmonious, joyful life you were meant to live together.

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Do any of these describe you?

Your pet seems to be unhappy or in pain and you’re looking for a way to help.
You want to gain insight into the “why” of your pet’s behavior.
You want the guidance of the nature-spirit realm to inform you of your pet’s health and well-being.
You want a more profound relationship with your animal to gain insight into his heart, soul, and experiences.
You’re open to a deeper meaning in your own life as you begin to understand the extraordinary consciousness of the animal with whom you share your life.

If any of these statements resonate with you,

Energetic Animal Healing is the place to begin your healing journey.

Our Healing Modalities


Getting to the Root Cause of the Trauma


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Used for centuries, flower essences are powerful but gentle therapeutic remedies. Safe for both animals and people with no side effects, flower essences help to restore well-being and diminish or resolve emotional or energetic behaviors that need to become balanced.


Animal Communication and Healing


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Shamanic Animal Communication is an ancient healing tradition used all over the world. Rooted in nature and passed down from generation to generation, the practitioner interacts with the spirit world to receive guidance and wisdom on how to heal an animal’s physical or emotional pain.


With Flower Essences



(In person only)


Performed in person with your animal, hands-on energy work combines the transformative therapies of flower essences, shamanic animal communication, and gentle touch to treat a wide variety of emotional and behavioral issues.

About Me

Welcome to Energetic Animal Healing! I’m Diane, and I’ve been studying the science and the art of animal communication and healing for over 25 years. It seems my entire life experiences have led me to this, my life’s work. I’m thankful every day to be able to make a difference in the lives of animals and the people who love them.

Animal Kingdom

Mission, Vision & Values

I understand the deep love you have for your pet and the desire to make his or her life the best it
can be. With the guidance of the nature-spirit realm and the healing power of plant essences,
we can devise a plan to heal old hurts and restore balance and well-being.

Connecting with your animal on a higher plane of consciousness enables me to see your animal
companion’s story, the essence of what shapes his personality, behaviors, and emotions. That
knowledge brings clarity and peace of mind for both you and your pet.

I believe...

Working with people and animals at a vibrational level provides greater harmony

and more vibrant health for all.
Understanding your pet’s backstory helps you understand her emotional and medical issues.
As you enlighten yourself to your animal’s consciousness,

you improve your life and the life of your animal.
A joyful, harmonious life with your beloved pet is not only possible, but can be deeper and more meaningful than you can imagine.

"Diane developed a number of Essences uniquely for Kaska through her spiritual connection with him. I can say with absolute certainty that Diane’s work with Kaska is what brought him back to me. He regained his confidence and joy in life and absolutely stopped chewing himself."

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